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At the Ada Seventh-Day Adventist church, we strive to improve and uplift our community with everything we do. From the pulpit to the back pew, all are welcome and included to take part in these efforts. The ministries you can expect from our family include the following:

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Sabbath School

The Seventh Day Adventist Church offers a globally consistent curriculum for its membership. Sabbath School begins at 10:00 each Saturday morning where you can grow in your spiritual walk and develop new friendships while delving into the Scriptures.

The Adult Class meets in the Sanctuary and follows along with the weekly Sabbath School Quarterly Bible Study.


To access the accompanying guide, click here.


The Children's Class is held in the front classroom while the Kindergarten Class is held in the rear classroom. There is something for all ages!

Community Outreach

Ada, OK Seventh-Day Adventist Church is deeply committed to community outreach opportunities wherever the need arises. The church has provided clothing and food to the community for years, and currently, its members volunteer to assist in food distribution in partnership with Asbury United Church twice a month. Ask how you can be a part of feeding the community.

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Women's Ministry

The Ada, OK Seventh-Day Adventist Church celebrates the value of women in the church, and provides fellowship and spiritual growth opportunities for all members of the congregation. Whether you are a long-time believer or you want to learn about the faith, this is the ideal place for you to connect with others and explore God's mission.

Health Ministry

Ada, OK Seventh-Day Adventist Church hass a health ministry dedicated to providing a holistic approach to living a healthy life. Our mission is to promote physical, mental, and spiritual health through the study of the Bible and its teachings. We offer a variety of services, such as our "Diabetes Undone" program, "Depression & Anxiety Seminars", and more.Our goal is to provide individuals and families with the tools and knowledge to live a healthy and balanced life. We believe in the power of faith to impact physical and mental health, and strive to make a difference in our community.

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